You live life under the hood.

You’re the ones who leave the house with your sleeves rolled up, ready to work some magic beneath 2 tons of steel just so the rest of the world can keep rolling.

You’ve earned every bit of that dirt under your fingernails and every ounce of the street knowledge in your head.

With ice in your veins and steel in your hands, there’s nothing you can’t fix.

All you need are SK Professional Tools:

  • Premium quality, precision-crafted
  • Made in the U.S.A. with American steel
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, a family-owned, blue-collar American company with global reach, innovating side-by-side with tradesmen for the ever-changing challenges they face.

FORGED IN AMERICA: The History Of SK Professional Tools

SK Professional Tools was founded in the early 1900s as the Sherman-Klove Company by Mason H. Sherman and Roger Klove. The company specialized in screw-machine products and spent the early years operating as a contract company that manufactured quality tools and parts for other companies. They quickly earned a reputation for quality and innovation that’s endured for over 100 years.

At the onset of the First World War, Sherman-Klove pivoted to apply its manufacturing expertise to producing munitions and mortar shell casings for the American war effort. The company did so until the war’s conclusion in 1919 when they were able to return to what they really loved and what still drives us today – manufacturing quality tools for the American tradesman.

A Game-Changing Invention

In 1934, SK engineer Theodore Rueb was granted a federal patent for SK’s signature tool, a tool that would change the hand tool landscape forever – the SK Round-Headed Ratchet. The new SK ratcheting mechanism represented a radical advancement for its time with fine-toothed action that was simple, reliable and easy to mass-produce. We have continued to refine the design ever since, expanding our offerings to include a variety of drive sizes, but the essence of our Round-Headed Ratchet has remained the same for more than 70 years.

During the twentieth century SK also broadened its horizons by expanding its product line to include new categories and an even wider selection of superior quality products to technicians across the country.

SK Joins the Family

In 2010, SK became part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, a family-owned, blue-collar American company with a steadfast vision for the future. Both SK and IDEAL share a commitment not only to quality and innovation, but also to the American tradesmen they serve.

Bringing It Home

Today, SK continues to manufacture each of our nearly 3000 products in the United States, with forging facilities in Colorado Springs and a brand new manufacturing and distribution center in Sycamore, IL. And as we’ve grown, so has our commitment to providing quality, American-made innovation to the toughest tradesmen in the world.